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posted: 9/19/2012 4:15 AM
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A dazzlingly creative perfect design

I used to think believing that human life arrived on earth through the process of macroevolution was like believing an explosion in a print shop might randomly cause letters to fall in place to create an Oxford unabridged dictionary. As it turns out, it's far more complicated than that.

The Sept. 6 article, "Unlocking the mystery of DNA," reporting on "a comprehensive look at how our DNA works," states, "The findings ... reveal extraordinarily complex networks that tell our genes (made up of about 3 billion 'letters' along strands of double helix structure DNA) what to do and when, with millions of on-off switches."

Lead scientists on the project commented, "It's this incredible choreography going on, of a modest number of genes and an immense number of switches that are choreographing how those genes are used." and "The big surprise is just how much activity there is. It's a jungle."

Extraordinarily complex networks. Billions of genetic "letters." Millions of on-off switches. Incredible choreography. Do these logically sound like random, accidental occurrences?

For me, it takes vastly more "faith" to believe that evolution caused these truly amazing systems which are operating within every single cell of my body (not to mention how they fit together to form incredibly complex organs,) than the faith to believe that a dazzlingly creative, almighty God put these things together with a perfect design to fulfill a perfect plan.

Peter Grass


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