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posted: 9/18/2012 5:00 AM

MSNBC, Fox 'News' dividing the country

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I put the quotation marks around "News" because it really is a stretch to call it news. I am watching the Democratic National Convention, jumping from C-SPAN, to MSNBC, to Fox "News." C-SPAN is my kind of news. They actually show the whole convention. You, the viewer, get to make up your own mind about what you have seen.

I remember when the networks used to report the news, facts in an unbiased way. But today, too many Americans watch MSNBC and Fox "News" and believe it is really news. They are opinion stations, one with a left-wing bias, the other with a right-wing bias, in that order.

It amazes me how Fox "News" does not even show most of the DNC. They pick and choose what to try to poke holes in or make fun of. The DNC had an excellent tribute to our troops which was not even shown to America because the general who spoke was too complimentary of our president. Now MSNBC is not perfect either, but the Fox "News" network is an embarrassment. My issue is that many people who watch Fox "News" actually believe it is factual reporting, rather that a twisted, biased, hatemongering network.

Wake up America. Understand what Rupert Murdoch is poisoning the airwaves with. No wonder we are a country divided.

Mark R. Ford

Buffalo Grove

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