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posted: 9/14/2012 5:00 AM

Seek those mindful of the little guy

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How can the Second Greatest Commandment be anything but a joke in a world built around the insular automobile, air-conditioned homes and the garage door opener? How can President Obama win when the message of "you must have a college education" denigrates the truck driver, carpenter, electrician, military infantrymen and anyone working on a road crew or assembly line?

Upon employment, our children are immediately put into the corporate management training sessions to vilify labor and idolize the guy that is sitting in the last remaining chair in the old "musical chairs" game. Very likely you will be "outsourced" and Mitt Romney or one of the other guys holding kids down and cutting their hair will get the seat. No Mitt, we did not "all do this kind of stuff."

"Faith without deeds is dead." -- James 2:26. Take some time and actually read the Bible and "The Federalist Papers -- Arguments for Ratification of the United States Constitution." "Do not be like the hypocrites who like to be seen waving their arms in church and shouting on the street corners ... instead go alone into your room and pray." -- Matthew 6:1-8. A civilization's political beliefs are an extension of our underlying faith.

Right now we are a disgraceful lot to the new generation of immigrants and the rest of the world. All men created equal? LOL.

The lesser of two evils is the guy trying to do the right thing, not intimidating fellow students and the workforce with haircuts and pink slips. The Catholic Church absolves itself from Paul Ryan and his budget. They find it to be heresy. Love your neighbor as yourself. God may give you a child that "simply can't." That oughta change your mind even if the smart one vilifies you.

Frank Kowynia


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