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posted: 9/14/2012 4:40 AM

'Throw all the thieves out'

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The second installment of real estate taxes is due and most people are blissfully unaware since the taxes are taken care of through their mortgage company. We all know that governing bodies have an insatiable thirst for other people's money, and they like that people tend to forget about their astronomical real estate taxes just a couple months before election time.

It's the same with income taxes, our nanny government loves "withholding," so when income taxes are due, most people look forward to getting their refund instead of being aware of just how much they're paying these criminals.

Government loves to just steal a little of our money at a time, quite frequently. Once election time comes, people don't bother to vote, since there is no fresh sting of being relieved of your earnings in the form of confiscatory taxation.

I'm not recommending any particular candidate for office. My suggestion is to simply throw all the thieves out. Anyone who votes for an incumbent is only encouraging them to make a career of stealing other peoples money.

Larry Schultz

Pingree Grove

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