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posted: 9/12/2012 4:30 AM

Can't take 4 more years of 'progress'

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Can't take 4 more years of 'progress'

Well the conventions are over and both parties did there best to sell their programs. There is no question that there are two completely different philosophies. Republicans want more freedom and individual responsibility, with less government interference in our lives, and Democrats want more and more government controlling every section of our society, our lives, business, and every activity that takes place.

The latter really comes as no surprise because Obama promised us that the last time he ran for president. But the big question is how did that work out, and do we want more of the same.

So let's look at some of the results of his last four years and see if we really need him or his "hope and change." We have lost our top credit rating for the first time in history, gasoline prices have doubled the last four years, our debt has risen $5 trillion during his watch, unemployment has remained at all time highs, while average family income has dropped over $4,000 a year, more people living in poverty, almost twice as many people on food stamps, an unbelievable housing crunch that has put millions of families in bankruptcy. A health care program encompassing one sixth of our economy that Will destroy one of the best health care systems in the world. An energy program that no one has really figured out.

He constantly tells us " all of the above", on energy, then closes drilling in the gulf, restricts permits on federal land, sends $2 billion to Brazil to help them drill for oil, and then complains that Republicans are sending jobs overseas, and kills 30,000 lobs by stopping the Keystone pipeline.

These people call themselves progressives. We can't survive with 4 more years of their destructive "progress."

Roger Dauchy



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