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posted: 9/11/2012 4:40 AM

Elgin culpable in wrongful firing suit

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In response to Elgin Corporate Counsel Bill Cogley's remarks in your most recent article, "Former Elgin cop sues chief, others alleging forced retirement," I have to say, sir, your mouth runneth over. The citizens of Kane County will be the judge of your actions, as well as all others involved.

Just because you feel the need to defend your heinous actions with flippant comments doesn't dismiss the facts of what really happened at the Elgin cop shop that August 2010 day or what actually happened the following 10 months.

You should consider the citizens of Elgin, the people who pay your salary, before you indulge in ridiculous and untrue remarks about two federal lawsuits that those same citizens are paying for. Perhaps those citizens would like to know why the Elgin Police still have not initiated an investigation into wrongdoing. Perhaps they would like to know why an investigation was never initiated when those stolen emails mysteriously appeared with a so-called anonymous letter. Or perhaps those same citizens would like to know why an investigation was never initiated when they learned about the alleged wiretapping and computer fraud by two of their own.

Your comment about the alleged wiretapping, "The city's actions relating to this matter were entirely lawful" stated in the June 6 edition of this newspaper were untrue to say the least, because the last time I read the federal eavesdropping statute it clearly states that in order to wiretap someone you need a warrant. I know that, and I'm not even an attorney.

Perhaps you all thought you were above the law. Possible, but I do know one thing. "What goes around, comes around," and eventually the truth will come out and don't be surprised if it bites you in the, well, you know where. Justice will be served.

Debra Seitz


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