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posted: 9/9/2012 5:00 AM

'Charisma' won't fix nation's problems

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I often read "Our View" on the Daily Herald editorial page and either agree or disagree with what is written. Today (Aug. 30) I am disgusted by your piece. In an effort to show objectivity in your editorial opinion, you describe Mitt Romney in an extremely unflattering light. Here is a man who has through his own effort, intelligence and will made a successful life for himself and his family, created jobs through his business dealings and went on to become governor of Massachusetts. He failed in 2008 to become the Republican candidate for president, but he has come back with passion and many ideas to help fix this country.

To paraphrase your comments, Mitt Romney is a nice and able man who lacks charisma and seems disconnected to everyday families who, according to some, won the Republican nomination by default. What nonsense. His views are not easy to discern? Have any of the "political junkies" on your editorial board actually read any of Romney's ideas or plans for content? Our country is in dire need of a real leader, and you're concerned that Mr. Romney doesn't have any charisma? You'd rather be entertained by a politician than one who might be able to fix the economy.

Believe it or not, many people aren't afraid of a smart, wealthy businessman with the stomach and heart to try and make a difference. I for one have had enough of charming, "charismatic" politicians with their sleeves rolled up, who call everybody "folks" and make excuses about why their plans aren't working. To me, that is disconnected.

You want to be uplifted and convinced? First you'll have to acquire some maturity and willingness to evaluate the two candidates based on something other than your weak-sauce idea that charisma equals success.

Karen Coakley


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