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posted: 9/7/2012 4:15 AM
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Stunned by two Fence Post letters

I was stunned by two Fence Post letters of Sunday, Aug. 26.

I've been carrying the section since then. The Condoleezza Rice speech at the Republican convention motivated me to write.

Mr. Bischoff: Your blatantly racist statement was almost unbelievable to see in print: "I voted for President Obama last time because I thought it was time for a person of color to be president." I reread it several times, amazed that could be written even as a joke. I was happy to read that you are analyzing his record, now that he has one of substance. I don't doubt many others voted as you stated. Apparently naive of me to believe that people should vote for the best-qualified candidate based upon the issues and record. The presidency is not an affirmative-action office, nor should anyone want it to be.

Mr. Zlotow: I viewed Assange's speech. Manning violated his oath, making him a criminal. He indiscriminately stole documents relating to a wide range of topics. I have not seen anything that indicates that he was motivated as you describe. Assange posted those documents, knowing they were stolen. Their actions actually harmed human rights and the rule of law. Their actions were not covered by journalism or freedom of speech. Favorably comparing Ecuador to the United States and England on those issues shows your complete lack of knowledge of Ecuador. Ironically, Assange wants to shine the light on relationships and actions, without being accountable for his own. Take the time to educate yourself before writing.

Mike Flynn


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