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posted: 9/5/2012 5:00 AM

People with integrity needed in Congress

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I'm not sure that Tammy Duckworth should be called a hero as that word has been so overused that it has lost much of its cachet. I do know that she was a combat helicopter pilot in Iraq who was severely wounded, losing both legs and partial loss of use of one arm. I also know that a person has to have a lot on the ball to become a lieutenant colonel.

So it really disgusts me to hear Joe Walsh derogating her military service. While supporting the sending of our young people off to fight in foreign wars, Walsh has been careful to avoid all military service himself. He also avoided paying child support for his three children and failed to pay for a house he bought letting it go into foreclosure adding another foreclosure to the glut that is now depressing the value of our homes.

Shouldn't a congressman have a better character than this? Is this the kind of person you want representing you in Congress? Don't we already have too many like him? Personally, I wouldn't let Joe Walsh clean my toilets.

John Hurley


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