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posted: 9/4/2012 5:00 AM

Some important questions to ask

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SWe've all heard President Obama constantly say the failed policies of the Bush administration drove the U.S. economy into the ditch. I have questions that need to be answered to help me determine who will receive my vote on Nov. 6.

(1) What are the specific policies of the Bush administration that Obama says we must not go back to? (2) What are the specific successful policies of the Obama administration that have corrected the policies practiced by the Bush administration when more Americans are unemployed now than when he took over in January 2009 and the national debt has grown to near $16 trillion compared to $10 trillion when he took office?

(3) Why did Obama failed to sign an annual budget during his first two years in office when he had a majority in the House and Senate? (4) Why is Obama reluctant to cite the actual accomplishments of his term during this political campaign? (5) Why does Obama criticizes the entrepreneurs who built the economy and provided jobs that pay the taxes? (6) How can Obama say it's fair to increase taxes on the 52 percent who pay for all government spending and the other 48 percent pay zero?

(6) Why does Obama wage class warfare when he ran in 2008 as the candidate for "hope and change" and as a uniter of the nation? (7) Why does Obama support green energy that is expensive, unproven technology and loses billion of dollars?

Raymond Jagert

Buffalo Grove

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