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posted: 9/2/2012 4:40 AM

Economy above all else in campaign

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There are many issues in this campaign that have nothing to do with the economy -- unemployment, debt, deficit, spiraling entitlement costs and many other important issues -- but are being presented as the most important criteria in choosing the next president.

First, the law requires two years of tax returns, which Romney has presented, but liberals want 12 years. I suggest that Romney release 12 years of returns when Obama releases his school records from grade school through Harvard, which are sealed, releases his name change from Barry Sotero to Barack Hussein Obama, releases his adoption papers from his stepfather, which are sealed and release his financial aid records. After all, President Obama did say that people running for president have to open up their private life.

Both Romney's tax returns and Obama's school records are about equal in their non-importance to this campaign.

Second, the voter ID that is required by some states has been an issue for more than two years. During this time, all citizens eligible to vote have had time to be able to obtain the appropriate ID. If the groups protesting the ID's were really as concerned as they pretend, they would have reached out to their constituents and voter rolls to ensure the proper ID's were obtained.

Lastly, the Obama campaign is using fear tactics against Rep. Ryan in an attempt to confuse and scare voters. President Obama knows he can't run on his record so he is attempting to run on a campaign of slurs and smears. Liberals love to ridicule Ryan's budget, but fail to mention that Obama's budget for two years in a row did not get one single vote from the Democratic majority Senate.

Gail Rose


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