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posted: 8/31/2012 5:00 AM

Give Obama time to fix Bush's mess

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I am preparing for the October elections already. I say October because I always vote on the first early voting day. My preparations include getting a bunch of CD or VHS movies I haven't seen yet (I don't have cable). Then I'll watch PBS and sports more because they have fewer commercials. Also, I'll spend more time in the yard, as it will be cooler in the fall and gardening is educational.

Since we have all (if we watch politics) heard the rhetoric of both sides by now, I watch little or none of the conventions. As far as the presidential election goes, I figure it took W. Bush eight years to run our U.S. ship of state so far aground on a rock pile that it is firmly stuck. Now President Obama's plans to "refloat" our country are thwarted at every turn by the "teavangelists" controlling the U.S. House. Therefore I believe Obama deserves eight years to work on this mess. However, we must give him a House majority or gridlock will continue.

My plan definitely includes watching the debates. My belief is that Obama will trounce Mitt Romney in any debate and Romney will as always, never give a straightforward, honest answer to any question put to him. Before a question is out of the mouth of the moderator, Romney will have already started to tap dance around it with irrelevant replies.

Right wingers, I await your reply to my "lefty" letter.

James Peterson

Hoffman Estates

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