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posted: 8/26/2012 4:40 AM

Pick real estate agent wisely

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I'm thinking of maybe moving to a nicer climate, so my wife suggested we think about listing our home with a reputable real estate agent locally. We looked around and to our surprise there were three close by. We will call them Agent A, Agent B and Agent C.

We made contact with Agent A and the next day a gentleman came out to our home and we talked about what we wanted to do and he just sat there and then started to explain how bad the market was and that we were asking too much for our home. He recommended that lowering our price considerably would give us a good chance of selling our home.

Next came Agent B, a young lady who used a different approach. She said the housing market was starting to show some signs of a slight recovery. She said our asking price was a little high but it was workable, so things were looking a little better.

Finally, Agent C came out. This gentleman walked through our home and then looked outside and said, "Very nice," but we had a lot of work to do pricewise and to improve curb appeal. He also said our price was way out of the ballpark.

I thought that Agents A and C were a little out of line. We had asked if they would lower their commission and the reply was just the same. They have to live, also.

You see, you really don't have to give your homes away just to satisfy someone's greed. It's really a shame that some people are really not looking out for your interest but their own. Shop around and if in doubt contact the Better Business Bureau.

We finally went with Agent B and we had a wonderful experience. Don't be pressured into anything. Ask questions, shop around and you will find a real real estate person.

Bill Skoronski


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