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posted: 8/26/2012 4:58 AM

Time to criticize Obama on the issues

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Time to criticize Obama on the issues

Like many in America, I'm fed up with the bipartisan smear campaigning. But this must never mean Americans shouldn't criticize candidates on the issues. I voted for Obama last time because I thought it was time for a person of color to be president. Mr. Obama has not let me down on that issue.

But after this first term, I'm changing my mind. One sign of dysfunctional behavior is denial -- like Obama's amnesia about his record for almost 4 years now. He's attacking Romney's "record" and the "presumptive candidate" hasn't even been formally nominated.

Of course, had I the president's record of failed promises on immigration reform, not closing Gitmo, putting us in deeper debt, zigging on health care, when he should have zagged on job-creation, I'd also resort to memory loss.

But must this mean that media slime cluttering TV are all that's left ... right now (puns intended)? The only redeeming feature about our process is that even journalism-as-entertainment "reporting" politics-reduced-to-bullying is better than a government-owned media making decisions more cost-effectively and efficiently.

Fortunately, the transfer of power in our land, whoever wins in November, will once again occur without riots in the streets, without the U.S. military shooting citizens and hopefully devoid of loose cannon Joe Biden's "bombs bursting in air."

Paul O. Bischoff


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