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posted: 8/25/2012 5:00 AM

Tougher, quicker sentences are solution

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In response to Aug. 1 article by Kathleen Kelly regarding "Vote for tougher gun laws": Is she living in a closet? There are so many gun laws, I believe law enforcement is unable to keep up with them. Want effective gun laws? The only trouble with an effective gun law is that you and many others would be beating your chests and crying that it is unfair to the criminal.

You will never take the weapon away from the criminal element, as they do not register to purchase a weapon as legal gun owners had to. They will get them no matter how many laws you desire to make, all ineffective.

My effective gun control would be, if you commit a crime with a weapon, no matter what types, such as a gun, knife, baseball bat, bottle. no matter what and someone is killed and there is no doubt that the person. was responsible, then he should be tried in a court of law within twelve hours. If found guilty, then the sentence must be that person will be executed within twelve hours, no appeals.

Committing a crime such as a robbery, and found guilty, it will be an automatic 20-year sentences, no parole. Taking part in a crime, 10 years no parole.

How long would it take for people to realize their buddies will not be returning and they could be next if they are as stupid?

Wake up, and realize no laws will prevent anyone from getting a weapon and committing a crime or murder if they so desire. Want an effective gun law? Execute the person responsible for the crime,

Registered semiautomatic gun owners have met the requirement of ownership of their weapons as required by law. They are not the problem, Criminal elements are and nothing you or I can do to change the criminal from stealing weapons or buying from out of car trunks.

Richard E. Johnson

Lake Zurich

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