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posted: 8/23/2012 9:20 PM

Spellman's Scorecard: Second NFL team in Chicago?

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Dream weaver

Former Mayor Richard M. Daley told Comcast SportsNet this week that there's room for another NFL team in Chicago, one that would play in an enclosed, multipurpose stadium that "could" be privately funded but "the government could help a little bit."

My response(s):


Doubt it.

Good luck with that.

Now I'm intrigued, though:

What would they name a new Chicago NFL franchise?

The Chicago Toughs?

The Decatur Daleys?


I agree, those are stupid names.

One more and I'll stop:

Would the new team name its gridiron Meigs Field?

And now back to reality:

If the third exhibition game of the preseason is indeed the final dress rehearsal for the regular season, which it is, the schedule makers could not have been any kinder to the Bears. Taking on the Super Bowl champ Giants on the road is exactly the test the Bears need.


In the end, it's still just a preseason game.

That's just wrong:

The Cubs-Brewers series in Milwaukee, featuring two never-rans, outdraws the White Sox-Yankees clash of division leaders at the Cell.

Just a shame because the Sox are one entertaining team to watch.

Are you ready for some hockey?

Tell me you didn't get a little pumped for Blackhawks hockey after seeing that full-page ad featuring Jonathan Toews' scowling mug.

I sure did.


If only they were going to actually be playing hockey this winter that would make it so much better.

Oh, Siri:

I knew you could do a lot of magical things, but I didn't know making me kinda dislike Martin Scorsese was one of them.

Spinnin' out of the ... turn?

If the Euros keep coming in and dominating on Million Day, why don't the folks at Arlington just go ahead and start running the races clockwise like they do at many European tracks -- at least until the American horses start pulling their weight?

Kinda kidding, but kinda not.

It would be interesting to see, wouldn't it?


Wasn't it weird to hear Maywood Park announcer Joe Mazzone calling the races Thursday at Arlington Park?

The voice of Arlington, John G. Dooley, was taking a scheduled day off, marking only the second time since assuming the job in 2000 that he has missed a call.

Not too shabby of an attendance record, huh?

What the?

I still don't understand why Arlington Park bugler and anthem singer Jean Laurenz wasn't allowed to wow the packed house on Million Day with her version of the national anthem.

Doesn't seem fair.

Beverages suitable for conversation:

Will be on the docket Wednesday at Eddie's Lounge in Arlington Heights (7:30 p.m.) as John Freier hosts "Books and Brews," a new program sponsored by the A.H. Library. The topic will be Jeff Pearlman's "Sweetness," the tell-too-much book about Walter Payton.


Lovie Smith's confrontational nonanswers Wednesday concerning Brian Urlacher's alternative healing methods in the off-season just cement his status as the most frustrating head coach in town -- media-wise.

Guess it doesn't matter as long as he wins.

After further review:

Ned Bochuli?

Larry Macfauly?

Is the NFL really going to saddle teams and fans with faux officials when all it would take to get this thing settled is for each owner to ante up a little folding money?

Simply ridiculous.

The quote:

"Hey, hey, hey, shut up. We're doing an interview!"

-- Yankees manager Joe Girardi, responding to a heckler following the Yanks third straight loss to the White Sox.

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