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posted: 8/16/2012 2:02 PM

Democrats too silent on gun control

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Let us bluntly discuss politics here. Now would be a good time to talk about gun control. And with an election coming up, the Dems need to get people out to vote. Championing the issue of gun control, limiting assault weapons for example, might be a popular move for the Democrats. But no, time and again, assault after assault, the Democratic Party cowers in fear of what the NRA might say about them. So they do nothing.

The political reality is that the pro-gun crowd will never vote for Democrats no matter what, so for a Democrat to pretend there is something to be gained by gaming the system means that they fail. There would be a lot to be gained by actively seeking gun control legislation, as the vast majority of Americans are not in the NRA and do not feel that the occasional psychopathic slaughter of the citizenry is a price we must pay for freedom. But the Dems do nothing, again.

The president gave an innocuous speech of platitudes and banalities, and we are expected to pretend that is leadership. Sen. Dick Durbin might as well be on Mars with the leadership he shows on any issue that the traditional rank-and-file Dems hold dear.

The government is supposed to ensure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and so they have a duty to constrain those things which deny us that. The government has every right and is expected to govern. Will I bother to vote for a Democrat in November? No, they have failed time and again to check the excesses of the far right, and their timorous silence does nothing to ensure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Rich Geiger


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