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posted: 8/15/2012 5:00 AM

Where does Reid get his information?

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One of the most powerful Democrats in the U.S. sends out baseless allegations at Mitt Romney accusing him of tax avoidance for 10 years. Then he admits he has no evidence of this, but says why else won't he release his tax information? If Democrats had any character, they would demand the removal of Sen. Harry Reid. Well, he has bank accounts in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands, why else would you have those unless you're hiding the money? Harry, if he was hiding them, how would you know about them?

Am I to believe that a phenomenally wealthy individual in the U.S. has avoided paying taxes for 10 years and the IRS has said nothing about this? I think the IRS and the Senate should be investigating Harry Reid and find out where he claims to have information like this. This is nothing more than Democrats who know their Bozo of a president is so devoid of ideas and, if he has to stand on his record, will be run out of office so fast your head will spin.

I believe the president has achieved what he set out to do, not that he has caused these problems and doesn't understand it. He does not like this country as it was founded, and people like him think only they can right the great wrongs. More damage has been done to this country in the last three years than can be imagined, but it was has been planned for and worked toward for many years.

Although I disagree with Mitt Romney's religious beliefs, I believe he is a man of character, and that is probably what scares Democrats the most.

Michael O'Brien

Prospect Heights

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