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posted: 8/11/2012 5:00 AM

Emanuel's statement weakens credibility

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Rahm Emanuel's chokehold attempt to deny Chick-fil-A from doing business in the city not only proves that the Chicago Machine is alive and well, but that he and so many other politicians and Hollywood pundits are quick to attack in the face of disagreement. When the press asked Dan Cathy, Chick-fil-A's CEO, what constitutes a marriage, he replied it was between a man and a woman. Contrary to what one might read or hear, Cathy did not bash or make derogatory comments against gays, he simply stated his opinion.

I find it contemptible when I have to endure angry viewpoints from the alleged elite, who call for boycotts and ill-fated wishes for customers of Chick-fil-A. Acknowledging differences and diversity in beliefs trumps an all-out assault on one's right to think and speak freely. Instead of the usual thuglike tactics, why not demonstrate civility and class with a healthy debate? For the privileged (and boorish) few who find it necessary to spew their ideology every chance they get, please consider a therapist instead.

As for you, Mr. Mayor of "the most corrupt city in America" (as dubbed by University of Illinois' Institute of Government and Public Affairs), why aren't you more focused on your job? Your commitment to make the city safer languishes as homicides surge and the murder rate surpasses more than twice that of U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan. Your creditability "to transform Chicago's economy and create new jobs and new businesses" dwindles with your retaliatory reaction to Cathy.

And let this lesson extend to all of those who insist on imposing their extremist or anti-mainstream views on the rest of us, when opinions differ from radically defined "correctness" -- call off your boys with the bats or the silent majority might have to teach you some manners.

Dee Kay


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