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posted: 8/11/2012 5:00 AM

Romney's business ethics are suspect

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There seem to be two major misconceptions regarding Mr. Romney's attainment of huge amounts of personal wealth. The first misconception is that his amassing a huge personal wealth is illegal. Although there are some questions regarding the dates for his role as the CEO of Bain Capital in regards to legal filings, how Bain Capital amassed its wealth was legal according to the laws of land at that time.

It may be argued though that the lessons taught in business ethics classes may have been wholly or at least partially ignored when applied to the tactics used to gain that personal wealth at the extreme expense of others. There also may be some questions regarding the creation of jobs.

The second misconception is that to question the means used by Mr. Romney and Bain Capital to amass this wealth is un-American and amounts to "class warfare." Nothing could be further from the truth. Most Americans would not hold it against any other American who has been successful, but to apply "the end justifies the means" adage is where there is a difference. This is due in large part to the belief that most Americans have in regards to fair play and the question of how it benefits the greater good.

I am worried about how this wealth was attained and am supported in that concern by Mr. Romney's refusal to release tax documents showing exactly how the earnings were gained. The fact that his money is overseas also bothers me because that is money that is not available for investment here. This is not a case of "class warfare"; it is a case of ethics, and in light of what recently happened here in the United States, I want the next leader of America to demonstrate that qualification!

Mike Kelley


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