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posted: 8/5/2012 5:00 AM

Critics don't seem to understand system

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I am always amazed at times how people do not understand or care how the political system works in the simplest way. You have to control the House and Senate to ensure anything can be passed. Even with a president of a different party, they can overrule him. But day after day I read these letters that complain that Republicans haven't created one job. That might be true, but as I said if you don't control both sides nothing can be done.

It didn't use to be that way, but that is sadly the political climate today. Everything sent to the Senate normally isn't even brought up for vote. And may I remind you that for two years one side controlled everything and didn't create one job. Even after three years, all you hear about is job losses. The Senate hasn't even proposed a budget for over two years. What do I hear about that? Nothing!

At least care and understand how the system works instead of just running off at the mouth. That doesn't accomplish anything.

Tom Head

Rolling Meadows

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