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posted: 7/31/2012 4:05 AM

Obama clueless on building business

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Obama clueless on building business

Well, we knew Obama never ran a business or had to make a payroll, but now we know he is clueless on how to build a business. In a recent speech, Obama states "If you've got a business, you didn't build that, somebody else made that happen."

After he said that, he and his lemmings try to spin it by stating all businesses need infrastructure like roads, which is their way to promote more government. Here is a news flash: Roads are also built by us.

If Obama would go to a roadwork site, he would see the workers with private company shirts, not government shirts, building those roads. The very businesses and business owners building those roads are the same as Obama disrespected above. Plus, the roads are paid for by our taxpayer money. It is not government building those roads, it is us with our money.

Business owners, here is a thought. If you employ known Obama backers or see one driving with an Obama sticker on it, confront them and ask if they support Obama. If they say yes, state to them, "Gather your personal items and come to my office for your final paycheck, you no longer work here."

After you hand them the final paycheck, state to them, "You are welcome to look for those other people that helped me build my business and ask them for your job back."

Enough said about this president.

Carl Palash

Carol Stream

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