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updated: 7/29/2012 8:47 AM

President making all the wrong decisions

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The climate change argument was thought to be put to rest until now. Hillary Clinton has promised $2 billion to the United Nations as a down payment on $100 billion for Third World countries to deal with climate change. How is she able to do this without congressional approval? This is the wealth distribution to which our president referred, except it is to poor countries.

"Fast and Furious," guns going across the border, which ended up killing one of our border guards, seems like a conspiracy that went wrong. The death of our border agent brought unwanted attention and is causing problems for the administration. There is a soon-to-be a U.N. arms treaty that will be a backdoor way to block our constitutional right to own a gun. How can so much confidence be placed in the United Nations when they can't even keep 10 banned computers from being delivered to Iran by their own hand?

Why isn't Congress involved ... or is it? Just as Europe was going financially under, this administration urged the U.S. to follow their model. Also, the president exempted a whole group of illegal immigrants from deportation. Why aren't we hearing more screaming from Congress over the president's attempt to extend his powers beyond the constitutional limitations?

Wayne Oras Sr.


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