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posted: 6/22/2012 5:00 AM

Where are the jobs the GOP promised?

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I'd like to get a perspective out to the public about these multimillion-dollar companies that are not paying their fair share of taxes because the Republicans believe these are the ones creating jobs and if you tax them they won't. Where are these job? I work for one of these multimillion-dollar corporations and they have done nothing but cut jobs in the past few years during this recession. The work is there, but they know now they can push their employees so hard that they either work as directed or quit. There are plenty of other people out there waiting for your job.

Management is being pushed to the limit and some of them have walked out. The unions are the only way we hourly employees are remaining employed. Yet Republicans are now targeting them.

It's all a smoke screen, people. Those of us who aren't among the billionaires of America have to take a stand and keep the Republicans out of office. We need to end the two-party system in this country and start voting people into office on their merits and work ethic, not because they will side with one party or the other, because that's how our government works. It's not working.

By the way, jobs are created when the economy is good and people are spending their money. Companies hire people because they are so busy they need to employ more people. When we aren't spending our money because we don't have any, there is no reason a company would hire more people. These huge companies are laying off more people now and trying to boost their profits saying the economy is bad. Uhhh, yeah. Stop listening to these Republican millionaires and let's take our country back. Please!

Mary May

Hoffman Estates

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