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posted: 6/18/2012 11:59 AM

Immoral behavior mustn't be tolerated

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Our tolerance of immoral, non-Christian behavior is bringing down our society. What are we teaching our children these days? God created man and woman not only to enter into a loving relationship but to create children so the world would go on.

Since the beginning of time up until this year, "marriage" was taken for granted and defined as the union of a man and woman. Today the president, many so-called Catholic politicians and a minority of people in this country want to recognize the union of two women or two men as a marriage.

I can appreciate two men and two women being the best of friends and wanting to share life's experiences together. However, God didn't set up the natural order this way and the Bible and theologians state if these same-sex couples have sexual relations they are committing a grievous sin. Unfortunately in this ever more secular, progressive society we live in, where many don't care to curb their immoral, sinful actions, we are teaching our children it's OK to act this way. It is not! The more we adults tolerate unacceptable behavior, the more we teach kids its OK to be this way.

Our tolerance for "anything goes" and shunning God's laws is creating an environment where kids will stray as they see adults accepting sinful behavior. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah. Christian, God-fearing men and women need to speak out and stop tolerating immoral behavior.

Jeff Gorden

Elk Grove Village

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