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posted: 6/13/2012 5:00 AM

Walsh-Modi ties irrelevant to 8th Dist.

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With unemployment on the rise, the number of new jobs created drops from month to month and the stock market is falling; what makes the front page news of the Sunday Daily Herald? That Congressman Joe Walsh is trying to secure a diplomatic visa for Narendra Modi. Does this issue really warranty front page status?

There appears to be a controversy on whether Mr. Modi was complicit, but not actually involved in riots in India over 10 years ago that involved retaliation over radical Muslims who massacred innocent civilians. But is this really an issue in the 8th Congressional District race?

We have a Nobel Peace Prize-winning president who orders drone strikes on Muslims suspected with only being linked to al-Qaida in countries we are not at war with? No trial, no jury, just executions via drones flown by the CIA with innocent civilians that get killed in the process.

Though acts of violence against Hindu, Muslim or any religious group is inexcusable, I believe the real issue in the 8th Congressional District is improving our economy, our education system, and keeping government from creating regulations that interfere with our freedoms. Democrats had an opportunity to elect someone of Indian descent that appeared to truly want to represent the people of the 8th District, but rejected him for someone who will more than likely represent the power brokers of the Democratic Party.

Mr. Walsh may be viewed as brash, but I believe he is in this race, as was Mr. Raja Krishnamoorthi, to do what is best for the people he represents and not necessarily that of the party banner that he is running under. Daily Herald needs to focus on the issues about what is important to the people in the 8th District, not about someone who might have done something wrong 10 years ago in some distant country that has no relevance to the issues of the district.

Ron Feldman