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updated: 3/3/2012 2:39 PM

LaPorte not a rubber stamp

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The family life is under attack in this world and our great country. We are now faced with a government trying to deny us freedom of religion. While we live in one of the most corrupt states in the country, it's time to make a difference with a district representative such as Victor LaPorte.

While I don't live in Kane County District 19, I have family and friends that do.

I had to laugh over remarks Laporte's opponent, Kurt Kojzarek, stated in a recent newspaper article. Kojzarek claims he is not a Republican insider. If that is the case then why has he spent the last 10 years rubbing elbows with Steve Rauschenberger, Randy Ramey and David Rickert -- all professional Republican politicians? If memory serves me right on all these pros, Ramey was one of the two Republicans who did not vote himself a pay cut and pontificating about the Republican party and resting on his laurels as part of the so called fab five.

I am sure Rauschenberger was more of a passenger in that vehicle, hitchhiking a political ride. Neighbors of District 19 have every right to be upset with these two.

The family and friends I have talked to are insulted by outsiders trying to tell them how to vote. The choice is a family man, an independent free thinker -- Victor LaPorte, no county board rubber stamp there.

In God We Trust.

James Flood

West Dundee