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updated: 12/2/2011 5:49 AM

It's a wrap: Remembering a wacky sports year

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  • Caleb Hanie was the last quarterback to take a snap for the Bears as the 2010 season ended ... and may be again as the calendar year comes to a close.

    Caleb Hanie was the last quarterback to take a snap for the Bears as the 2010 season ended ... and may be again as the calendar year comes to a close.
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  • Video: Epstein joins the Cubs


If you're like me, you can't wait to see who made the list for Barbara Walters' "Most Fascinating People of 2011."

Wait, what?


It's that time of year and there are gonna be a gazillion year-end wrap-up shows. And it got me thinking; if there was a show like that for what happened here in sports over the past year, I'm not sure who or what would be the winner.

For example:

And this is in borderline chronological order:

The year began with the Bears season riding on the arm of Caleb Hanie ... and very well may end that way too.

Then there was Derrick Rose winning the MVP and the Bulls almost getting by the Heat.

The Blackhawks took it to Game 7 against Vancouver before losing in the opening round.

And who can forget the Bears-Ravens draft-night debacle?

Deep breath:

Then there was Jim Hendry getting fired but still working. What?

The Blackhawks reshuffling their noncore.

The NFL lockout.

Ozzie Guillen leaving for the Marlins.

The NBA lockout.

Robin Ventura's out-of-nowhere hiring.

And finally:

Theo Epstein taking over the Cubs and bringing along his posse.

The NFL season starting on time.

Mike Quade fired.

Dale Sveum hired.

The NBA lockout finally ending.

And the winner for most fascinating goes to ...:

That's right: The fact that Jerry Angelo's first three draft picks have actually seen playing time this season!

Thanks, Santa:

Bulls-Lakers in the afternoon; Bears-Packers in prime time.

Happy boxing day:

Notre Dame alum Mike Lee's boxing career gets a big boost Saturday when he gets to strut his stuff at Madison Square Garden.

No truth to the rumor that the undercard will feature Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca II -- the grudge match continues.

Grumpy old men:

Really, seriously, how embarrassing was that to watch?

Like "The Be Sharps" on "The Simpsons," it may have been kinda funny the first time you saw it, but with each subsequent viewing it just got sadder and sadder, because no matter what these two accomplished in their lifetimes, this is what they are going to be remembered for ... and that's just a shame.

Justice is served:

Derrick Rose, in his prime, will soon be back on the court.


Who will receive the heartiest cheers Sunday at Soldier Field: Caleb Hanie or Kyle Orton?


Probably neither.

Time management:

An NBA coach will use more timeouts in a 10-game span than an NHL coach will probably use in an entire season.

Reason No. 648 why hockey rocks.

This is how you do it:

If the Target Lady is the most despised Christmas ad currently airing, then the best has to be the father-daughter singing from the back of the SUV.

Is it me, or ...:

Does it seem like every time the Hawks hit a rough patch they always have a lot of time to sit and stew before they get back out on the ice?

Oh, he'll be missed:

"I've never managed without a designated hitter, but I'll get used to it. I don't like the DH. I have a bulldog and named him DH because he is so lazy. He just sits there, eats and sleeps."

-- Ozzie Guillen, to ESPN The Magazine

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