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posted: 9/1/2011 5:00 AM

Why term limits are a good idea

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Well, the farce in Washington is over. The politicians again ignored the people who elected them, instead worrying about their own hides and refusing to work out their differences like everyday folks would have done. They caused concern among the Social Security recipients, government workers, bankers, investors, small business owners and international markets by stretching out "negotiations" until the last minute while the investment markets continue to decline. My own retirement savings lost many thousand of dollars while they were playing their game of "chicken."

How many times must the middle-income taxpayer be burned before he votes every current politician out of office? The high-income people won't vote them out because they are all paying a lower percentage of their total revenues in federal income and FICA taxes than the middle-income taxpayer. The low-income people won't vote them out because they are paying no federal income tax on their revenue.

Yes, the burden falls on the middle class to vote out of office every current representative, senator and our liberal president. No elected official should be in office more than two terms, receive any pension credit while in office, receive a salary increase or have special medical coverage other than Medicare while in office. Being elected to office was supposed to be a temporary job, not a career. The offices that they spend thousands, or millions, of dollars to occupy are so lucrative in compensation, allowances, fringe benefits, power and post-office residuals that they seek re-election funds almost as soon as they begin a new office term. Wake up, middle class, and vote all incumbents out of office. They don't care about us, so why should you care about them?

James J. Dubinski

Rolling Meadows