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posted: 8/30/2011 5:02 AM

Can we take more honest government?

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We have had honest government in Illinois now for about two years. Since then, our income tax was increased and now the cost of using our toll roads will also increase. The RTA is also talking about fare increases and cut backs because in part, the state isn't making its payments to RTA. As of Sept. 1, free rides will stop for senior citizens, because neither the state or RTA can afford them. It was announced earlier this month that we wouldn't have a sales tax holiday because the state can't afford that, either.

It seems like when it comes to helping the working taxpayer, the state never can afford it, but always seems to be able to afford to give large business tax breaks in lieu of the promise to create jobs. If this is so, then why is our unemployment rate over 9 percent? It seems like the tax breaks for business isn't working either, but we keep giving millions of dollars in tax breaks to business.

Big business keeps crying about how expensive it is to do business in Illinois. Maybe they would be happier if we eliminated the corporate income tax altogether. Maybe this would help create jobs faster.

Even if a working person does get a raise, which don't amount to much, by the time taxes and benefits are subtracted from their pay check, their take home pay is equal to that of 2006, if they're lucky. While doing business in Illinois may be expensive, living here is just as expensive. So, you owners of corporations, don't feel like you're so special.

As for the working taxpayer of Illinois, I don't know how much more we can take of honest government.

Stanley F. Jurczewski Jr.