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posted: 8/30/2011 5:02 AM

Obama, Democrats caved to tea party

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Another home run for the self-styled "job-creators" -- the ones who create no jobs, no relief, no benefits for anyone other than the ones who don't need it. Themselves.

And the president, overseeing the strikeout, has ducked his head and walked back into the locker room, leaving the dugout without a manager.

Let's face it: the tea party has won, hands down. The Democrats have not only struck out, they've resigned, they've forfeited the game to the loudmouths.

So, it doesn't matter how "right" you are; it doesn't matter the principles you advance, it doesn't matter you represent the majority of the electorate -- the ones that elected you. It only matters how smart, how slick, how crafty you are in lying to the media and fluently misrepresenting your position in the political fray. Barack Obama is a sheep in the forest of wolves, an innocent in the Republican garden of evil. He's not capable, he just doesn't have it. They not only pulled the wool over his eyes, they won the day by letting him make his own decisions. You don't believe it? Ask the Democrats, House and Senate, on the q.t., did he blow it?

You bet he did. And he'll blink again the next time around.

Frank Sears

Buffalo Grove