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updated: 8/26/2011 4:37 AM

Send self-interested politicians home

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No matter what political party you belong to you have to agree that the politically driven fiasco that now holds sway over our country is cause for action. Our elected officials are more interested in pointing fingers and placing blame like some scarecrow in Oz than helping this country. They have caused a downgrading of our credit status while continuing to add pork projects to important bills and raise funds for their next election campaign (i.e. the president's recent birthday soiree).

Over 230 years ago the people of this country got together and threw off the shackles of a monarchy that was indifferent to their needs and desires. It's time that "We the People" do the same and use our power to take our country back. Send the current slew of politicos who are more interested in empire building than keeping this country great home and send new representatives to Washington with a clear message that if you choose to continue to conduct "business as usual" after telling us differently you will not be around very long either.

It should be evident to everyone that if we don't demand clear, decisive and beneficial action our current bunch of politicians won't bother to do anything except that which benefits them!

Dan Vincent

Elk Grove Village