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updated: 8/26/2011 4:37 AM

Let's just call them 'wreck' centers

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I don't understand what drives elected officials to have an uncontrolled need to spend other people's money with unemployment at almost 10 percent, with houses that have lost a goodly part of their value, with folks losing their homes because of the poor economy. Crystal Lake Park District is itching to saddle the taxpayers with a bill of more than $20 million to build a rec center. Maybe that should be spelled "wreck."

Lakewood's government is insisting on building a rec center, but the money people are hesitant to put up the dough for it.

Could it be that during a time when money is tight, that municipalities should put the checkbook away?

Let us be satisfied with the facilities we have. I haven't heard any loud cry from the taxpayers to build these things.

Possibly it is a very tiny self-interest group that wants the rest of us to pay for their ideas.

Bill McElman

Lake in the Hills