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updated: 8/26/2011 4:38 AM

Step up to the plate, Mr. President

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If President Obama comes out in early September with the same old "it's Bush's fault," "tax the rich," "tax the private jet owners" mantra, it will effectively be the end of his presidency. Wall Street will throw up their hands in frustration, the Dow will drop 1,000 points and we will have officially entered the second dip of the recession.

How about doing something creative, Mr. President? Lower the corporate tax rate, on a graduating scale, based on their percentage of U.S. employees. With enough incentive, a significant drop in the unemployment rate would follow, creating millions of taxpayers again instead of benefit recipients.

This revenue would far exceed any losses in corporate tax revenues which are manipulated, anyway. (i.e. General Electric pays no U.S. taxes). Come on, Mr. President. Step up and hit one out of the park. You have no chance of re-election with no accomplishments and just the strategy of demonizing your opponents.

Steve Maly