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posted: 8/22/2011 5:00 AM

Doesn't trust Dist. 57 with his money

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Mr. Berry's recent letter to the Daily Herald makes some remarks that Mount Prospect taxpayers would take issue with.

He claims that the last referendum passed in District 57 was in 1988. Sorry, but it was in 1994. That was when District 57 narrowly got approval for a bond issue of $13.5 million on the district's third try.

This was for the two new schools District 57 built which -- as District 57 said seven years later -- were too small.

They then wanted the Mount Prospect taxpayers to bail them out and give them a lot more money so they could build a Taj Mahal where Westbrook School stood. After four referendum attempts, District 57 finally understood what part of "no" the taxpayers wanted them to understand.

Although the above history is history, it shows something District 57 is known for. And, that is making bad financial decisions. The above tax hike is a classic example of this kind of thinking.

What concerns me most is the egregious attempt of District 57 to put its hand ever deeper into the taxpayers' pocket.

This is especially deplorable since so many people (9.1 percent of the workforce) are unemployed. Many are underemployed. Seniors have not had their Social Security raised in two years. People are losing their homes.

Illinois taxpayers will pay the Quinn 67 percent increase in their income taxes (you know, the so-called temporary tax hike). Health insurance premiums are rising. Fuel prices are growing, despite any temporary declines (fuel prices have nearly doubled over the past two years). Food prices are surging. I'm sure the reader gets the idea.

And now District 57 wants more money? What are they thinking?

Thomas Manion

Mount Prospect