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posted: 8/22/2011 5:00 AM

Why does Arlington Hts. ticket for backing in?

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We visited a eating establishment in downtown Arlington Heights and parked in the parking garage. We watched the signs posted on the back walls as we backed in regarding the hours and the times.

When we came back to our truck there was a ticket issued and we thought there was no way we were there (past the 3-hour limit). When we returned home and saw the ticket issued was for backing in -- we called and questioned the citation. We were told those were the Arlington Heights rules.

Nowhere did we see that there was anything posted regarding this law of Arlington Heights and nowhere on their whole entire website regarding parking does it state anything about backing in.

Let me see: Backing in is a much safer way than pulling in for more than a few reasons.

• When you back in a parking garage that is dark, you are able to pull out and clearly see other people that are walking to their cars.

• Backing in also prevents thieves from breaking into your car when it is pulled into a spot surrounded by other cars and no one can see them.

• If you are a female and alone returning to your car it is safer if it is backed in for the purpose that others might see your attacker or that you can quickly enter your car and exit faster!

So what are the Arlington Heights officers doing issuing tickets for backing in? Revenue?

Find another way -- because I myself will not visit downtown Arlington Heights eateries, theaters, shops or anything else in the area. So A.H., who loses? The businesses? They will feel it soon enough. You have Mount Prospect, Rolling Meadows, Des Plaines and many other towns that I hope will heed this warning.

Everyone should be aware of this scam and not be victimized. All towns need the extra money, but find another way than a idiotic ticket for backing into a parking spot.

Please post for all to see and be aware of where our tax dollars are really going.

Thomas Whiteley

Rolling Meadows