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updated: 8/22/2011 5:35 PM

Next election holds little hope

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I suppose a lot of people watched the Republican clone "debate" on television. They all spoke the party line and argued among themselves about how much of the party line they swallowed without chewing.

Some even used their own words rather than read off the Republican script. The only thing that was absolutely sure about them all was how much they hated Obama.

I am reminded of the old Pee Wee Herman phrase, borrowed by Bart Simpson: "I know I am but what are you?"

Poor old Obama! I am disappointed in him for his lack of strong leadership, among other things. He seems to think that common sense will show itself and cause an awakening in Congress. The thing about common sense is there isn't any, especially in Washington, D.C.

None of this mess is his fault, although he got left holding the bag. I liken him to the man at the end of the parade with his trash can and shovel cleaning up after the GOP elephants.

The national debt under the Republicans grew like dandelions. With two wars off budget and counterproductive deregulation, the situation was inevitable. And the people who complain the most are the people in both parties who rubber stamped every demand for more, more and more.

And Rush Limbaugh, who hopes that Obama will fail, can't realize that if he fails we all fail. How narrowly small-minded he is. If he put as much effort into helping rather than hindering we would all be better off.

But hindering is the Republican way and with the Democrats mumbling to themselves, it will be difficult. I am not looking forward to this upcoming election or the result with a new crop or the same old hacks going to Washington.

Raleigh Sutton


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