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posted: 8/20/2011 5:00 AM

Musings on peace, problem solving

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I am so tired of clergy of all religions and races who either blatantly or sublimely preach hate for others. I'm not surprised when they are from a radical, Third World country, but when those in our own country continue to do so adding to the racial and religious tensions that already exist, it makes me sick. Why don't they follow the leads of good people like Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi who truly worked toward us all getting along peacefully and not offering excuses to do anything different?

While I'm at it I'd also like to ask just what are all those in Washington, D.C., who are there supposedly serving the people of the United States, doing? It seems to me they are interested only in being self-serving, just worried about keeping their cushy jobs at our expense. Do any of them really care about what's best for this country and its people, or is it all just about politics? If they did, they wouldn't be doing most of what they are doing. How can large corporations teetering on bankruptcy still be paying their CEO's huge salaries and bonuses when the workers are either being laid off or expected to take salary and benefit cuts? Now there's something government should be getting involved in.

The very people causing our corporations to collapse are still getting the money -- how come? I'm sorry I can't suggest some solutions to these problems; I just felt I needed to ask why nothing constructive is being done. People making great salaries because they should be able to resolve these problems don't seem to be doing anything to help. But then they aren't unemployed or without great benefits, are they?

Janet Lumm