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posted: 8/20/2011 5:00 AM

Clueless, and in over his head

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Clueless, and in over his head

Our great nation is in the midst of an unprecedented fiscal crisis, and we are burdened with a president who doesn't recognize it or doesn't care. The debt crises was recognized by the American public at the polls last November, and Republicans such as Paul Ryan submitted a budget that would have cut $4 trillion to $6 trillion from the budget and did include tax reform.

President Obama submitted a budget in February that called for a $10 trillion increase in spending over 10 years, which was defeated in the Senate 97 to 0. Seems as tho every Democrat except Obama figured that one out. Senator Reid refused to let the Senate vote on the Ryan bill -- a budget that would have surely pleased Standard & Poor's.

Then in his typical class warfare mode, he went on television almost every day and told the American public at least 21 times (six in one speech), about subsidies for corporate jets (Somebody should have told him that those subsidies were part of his own stimulus package). It was an embarrassing, almost robotic performance to see him read the same thing day after day from his teleprompter.

So now we see over 100 million people with 401ks and IRAs loosing their shirts because of the president's lack of leadership. Keep in mind that at no time did he submit a plan to reign in our debt. Speaker Boehner kept begging him to get serious and submit a written plan. He never did. It all boils down to the fact that we have a president who is a clueless community organizer who is in over his head.

Roger Dauchy