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posted: 8/13/2011 4:00 AM

Afghanistan is not 'right' war

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The "right" war? Just because President Obama uttered those words during his campaign does not make it the "right" war. In fact, in my humble opinion President Bush should have withdrawn us from there before anyone thought of a President Obama. Instead, our new president, allegedly a liberal democrat, has escalated and is prolonging the war with no end in sight. The July "drawdown" was completely insignificant political stunt. Even after the next phase (just before election) next fall, there will still be a major U.S. force there fighting what has become a very hot war, with over 1000 lost on Obama's watch.

When they got Bin Laden, I hoped Obama would declare victory and move us out. With the recent losses, perhaps now the very vocal (before Obama, of course) anti-war left will again raise their collective voice against prolonging this senseless war in a country where empires go to fail. One man saying it does not make it right, not in the least.

Dean G. Fales

Lake Zurich