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updated: 8/11/2011 6:52 AM

Dems should stop childish blame game

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Last February after the assassination attempt on Gabby Giffords, Obama called for a new civil tone. I guess the liberals/Democrats refuse to listen to their own elected leader. Even Obama's vice president refuses to listen and joins in the smear campaign against tea party citizens.

Now, Democrats/liberals have reached a new low and are trying to label tea party people as terrorists, al-Qaida bombers and holding the economy as hostage. Obama and his liberals refuse to call a true terrorist a "terrorist," instead labeling them as "enemy combatants" for fear of upsetting the Muslims.

But he and his followers have no qualms about calling American citizens who are practicing their rights under the U.S. Constitution terrorists. What a prejudiced, bigoted, intolerant group of people the liberals have become.

When they are unhappy with Obama, their first choice is to blame President George W. Bush. However, since Obama now owns the economy after 2 years, they need to find a new entity for their blame game and they have settled on the tea party citizens.

The Democrats should follow the adage of taking responsibility for your actions. The House GOP passed Paul Ryan's budget that the Democratically-controlled Senate killed, but the Democrats and Obama refuse to present a budget on their own. Obama did present a budget that received zero support from his own party.

The liberals and Obama just want to keep raising the debt ceiling without a budget. None of us could survive by spending uncontrollably and continually applying for credit increases. The result is called bankruptcy. It's time for the liberals to take responsibility for the economic problems they have created and stop the childish blame games.

Gail Rose