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posted: 7/31/2011 1:00 AM

Writers made good points on ecology

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Two Fence Post letters included in one day impressed me and can help to show us that it is imperative to learn many easy ways that point to a livable future. Perhaps we deny that climate change is a reality but that is becoming more difficult in the face of an overwhelming plurality of scientists' reports. Perhaps we say, "What can one person do?" But if many of us each do our part, there is hope.

Sandy Kaptain's letter points to simple hints that can lighten our load on this fabulous earth and save us considerable money in the long run. Whenever we use our own muscles by walking or biking, we also become healthier.

The other letter hits an issue that long has worried me. Why are we growing almost only corn and a small amount of soybeans on farms on this very fertile land in the Midwest requiring more and more fertilizing?

We import most of our vegetables and fruit an average of 1,500 miles, last I read. The farmers do this as corn and soybeans are subsidized by the U.S. government and farmers need to make a living so that is what they grow.

J. Norman Campbell advises growing hemp or switch grass instead as they are far less expensive to grow and deplete the earth much less. He states that hemp is not the same as marijuana and that hemp "building products are building insulation that is more effective than fiberglass along with building blocks that insulate so well that heating and air conditioning are often not needed."

It sounds like a win, win situation to me.

Let us not be hoodwinked by large businesses that continually use misleading advertising, use immense funds to influence our lawmakers to vote in their interests -- not those of the voters -- and use clout to keep down the wages of their employees while CEOs are given unbelievable salaries and bonuses. Let us come to our senses and work toward a better future for all.

Sheila T. Burris


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