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posted: 7/17/2011 3:00 AM

Little respect for Constitution

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We should not be too surprised that the president has little respect for the Constitution. He told us as much in his Jan. 18, 2001 radio interview on WBEZ. He said the Constitution was a "charter of negative liberties," suggesting the government needs more power.

Also he seemed to resent the fact that the Warren court found itself "bound by constraints placed upon it, by the Founding Fathers" and other similar comments made suggesting that the people had too much power. It is that very Constitution that protects us from the awesome power of the federal government, when it wants to exercise more and more power over our property, liberty and life. All of which raises some serious questions about the actions of the Obama administration. Such as where was it written that he could fire the CEO of General Motors? What gave him the authority to abrogate the law of the land on bankruptcy law giving the union part of the company, and where oh where did he get the right to dump the Chrysler bondholders (who by law had first right to any proceeds from the assets of the company).

More recently he completely walked all over Congress when it came to the war powers act. He claimed that by going to the NATO, he didn't have to ask Congress to go to war against Libya. He seems to be making up his own laws as he goes. And therein lies a big problem. But the most egregious of all came when the president and Attorney General Holder just simply announced that they thought the Defense of Marriage Act was unconstitutional and would not be enforced. Is that how it is done now? Remember what the president said about our Constitution?

Roger Dauchy