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posted: 7/10/2011 12:01 AM

Palatine busy protecting us ... from what?

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I am so proud to live in Palatine. Our village officials are actively engaged in making certain that people smoking outside are at least 15 feet from any doorway in order to indulge in their "disgusting" habit.

Has Ms. Pohl, the reporter who wrote the article about the scandalous smoking problem in downtown Palatine, ever visited the scene of the crime? Since there are only rare sightings of pedestrians in the area, it is curious as to how "complaints ... continue to pour in."

Does Ms. Pohl have any information on how many different people have actually filed complaints after having been assaulted by this nefarious smoke?

The Village Council also seems to have taken great pains to enact very specific laws, as detailed in the village newsletter, as to where dogs may defecate and how their owners must respond to this action.

Additionally, our leaders keep me safe by ensuring that our pristine village does not allow any pawn shops or tattoo parlors to do business in a town that appears to have an additional vacant storefront every day.

Tattoo parlors. Pawn shops. Smoking outside. Dogs doing what dogs do. Horrors! But, we all sleep better in Palatine.

Pat Panfil