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updated: 7/8/2011 3:55 PM

Let taxpayers spend taxes carelessly

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President Obama's $66 billion job stimulus did nothing more than cost the taxpayers more money. Sure, it saved and created 2.4 million jobs, but at the cost of $278 million per job.

Common sense would tell you that if the stimulus money would have been given to the consumer, taxpayers, I believe the economy would have made a significant turnaround.

People would have been spending, thereby creating a demand for more product, which means more jobs. Some people might have saved it, but their savings would be giving banks more capital to lend out. Some might have been able to use their windfall to help with their mortgages and, who knows, perhaps avoided a foreclosure.

I'm not saying I approve of the government spending the money, but if they are going to spend it carelessly, than we the taxpayers should be doing the spending.

Gary Meyer

Pingree Grove