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updated: 7/8/2011 3:55 PM

Second Amendment has leaders in check

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In the June 26 Fence Post letter, "Selling guns to cartels is bad policy," the writer noted that this was an idiotic ATF policy and asked why President Obama would allow it to happen. Of course, it was totally idiotic policy unless he had an alternative agenda, such as "problem, reaction, solution."

First they create a problem by allowing the shipment of guns to the drug lords. Next when they suddenly find out about the gun shipments they say, "This is intolerable and we must do something about it."

The solution? We need to ban all of these types of weapons so that this can never happen again.

Could this be simply a way to circumvent the Second Amendment -- something that Obama wants to do? It is called a false flag operation, and this is one of reasons the Second Amendment is so important. Because in the back of every politician's mind they know that if they step too far out of line and are unresponsive to the wishes of the people, and if they push too hard, there are many armed citizens who can stand up and say enough is enough.

When the people have the power to tell politicians what they can and cannot do -- and if they have the means to enforce their wishes -- naturally this scares many of the political elite. However this is good, and it is as it should be. Because the sole purpose of the Second Amendment is to remind those in government who is really in control of the country.

This is also the real reason many wish to get rid of it while pretending they're concerned for public safety.

"When governments fear people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny." (Thomas Jefferson)

Richard Gideon