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posted: 7/5/2011 9:00 PM

The answer to all our problems

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Having watched the first Republican candidates debate, I was amazed to see the final, comforting solution to the nation's problems, as follows:

Barack Obama must be defeated in the next election, because he inherited a rip-roaring, booming, eminently successful economy from the previous George Bush administration, and he ruined it all by himself.

All our concerns over the nation's health care questions will be eliminated forever if only we can eliminate Obamacare.

And, every citizen, rich or poor, black or white, common laborer or superrich executive, will be able to afford every single medical treatment, procedure and medical prescription, because each and every state in the union will receive, and will distribute to every person, vouchers. Yes, vouchers, tickets that will guarantee free medical treatment for each and every illness and affliction known to man, fore-ever.

Americans will never, ever, know the meaning of the word: unemployment, as soon as the new Republican administration eliminates America's Environmental Protective Agency -- the evil, un-American, socialist, supreme job-killing EPA, And big business, on its own, and without any prodding or suggestion from a government, will eliminate every environmental damage caused by their factories, plants or industries.

All of these benefits, including unlimited deregulation, deregulation of the banks, of the airlines, of the national park services and the Food and Drug Agency, and the imported oil traders -- all of these benefits will accrue to the nation, if only we can rid the nation of any Democratic president, especially Obama.

I'm so relieved.

Frank Sears

Buffalo Grove