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updated: 4/28/2011 7:04 PM

Let's make Hultgren one and done

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Rep. Randy Hultgren voted to radically change Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Operation Head Start for preschool children, plus other federal programs that citizens rely on for lifetime security.

Hultgren voted to replace Medicare with a voucher that seniors would be given to purchase medical insurance of their choice. The proposed $6,000-a-year voucher would force seniors to purchase health insurance coverage in the marketplace.

What happens to those who have the pre-existing condition of old age? Before Medicare was enacted, insurance companies would not cover seniors and this fact fostered Medicare.

Hultgren voted to do away with Social Security and replace it with Individual Retirement Accounts that are subject to the whim of the marketplace. How would you feel as a senior with all of your life savings in the Wall Street market and the market takes a tumble as it has in the past?

Hultgren voted to eliminate Medicaid and the federal government would give states block grants to cover medical and other costs. Do you remember when federal government block grants were given to states and local officials and they built swimming pools, redecorated offices, made golf courses and never put the monies where intended?

Hultgren voted to radically cut the budget of Operation Head Start, which gives children of all ethnic backgrounds the necessary skills before entering the public school system.

It is time for former Congressman Bill Foster or someone else with a social conscience to step forward and place their name in nomination to replace Hultgren.

Hultgren recently voted for all the above drastic and disastrous proposals when he supported the 2112 budget passed in the House of Representatives this month. It is time for a change in District 14.

Ron and Mary Gilkerson