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posted: 3/18/2011 1:30 PM

Put a stop to excessive perks

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Is there something we're missing here? The taxpayers are constantly being told that all these high salaries have to be paid to these public administrators to ensure that we hire quality employees.

So can someone please explain to us stupid, unqualified taxpayers why we are again hearing about another high-priced priced administrator who has been caught with his fingers in the proverbial cookie jar?

First it was Metra's Phil Pagano, with his six-figure salary and all the other perks worth thousands more.

Now we have Mr. Brooke Beal with the waste agency, making $160,000 a year (how many people would love to make $160,000 per year?), who felt the need to steal another $850,000, authorities say. How many Chicago aldermen have gone to jail, for stealing from their constituents after seeing their part-time salaries doubled, to supposedly preclude this very thing?

Also, a recent news article reported that a Crystal Lake politician who draws $9,050 in monthly government pensions also has taken over $105,000 in Metra-paid health care, even though one of his state pensions provides free health care. And when he's done at Metra, he will qualify for another pension, doing part-time work. He sees nothing wrong about it.

It's no wonder Illinois is broke when the taxpayers allow things like this to occur. What exactly are we voting for? Why do the people in the public sector get the opportunity to apply for and acquire all these taxpayer-funded positions? Is there no one in the private sector who would be just as qualified, someone making $60,000, $50,000 a year who would jump at the chance to improve their status? Must you be previously publicly employed to be eligible? Is this why there are so many double- and triple-dippers? Because the opportunity is closed to everyone else?

Rosemary Colbert