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updated: 2/24/2011 3:40 PM

John Styler: Candidate Profile

Prospect Heights Alderman, Ward 2

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  • John Styler, running for Prospect Heights Alderman, Ward 2

    John Styler, running for Prospect Heights Alderman, Ward 2




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City: Prospect Heights

Website: Candidate did not respond.

Office sought: Prospect Heights Alderman, Ward 2

Age: 79

Family: Widower 3 children 2 grandchildren

Occupation: retired

Education: Life experiences are the best education. The school of life and with some college education didn't get me any closer to the successes either you or me experience today.

Civic involvement: Member of the Board of Prospect Heights Dollars for Scholars

Elected offices held: Alderman of Ward 2 in the City of Prospect Heights, IL 2003 to present and beyond!

Have you ever been arrested for or convicted of a crime? If yes, please explain: NO

Candidate's Key Issues

Key Issue 1

To bring common sense and proper leadership back to our city government here in Prospect Heights. How, with a responsible candidate, a successful business man who has decided to pickup the gantlet and lead our city as our citizens and as any community deserves.

Key Issue 2

To oust the mayor of our city.

Key Issue 3

To expose the micro-management tactics our current mayor has subjected our city staff to. The losses we have endured speak to the problems she has created. People who work for any organization, company or government enity and do their job should not be subjected to this kind of enviornment.

Questions & Answers

Where do you stand on Prospect Heights water ? Should all the city be on lake water; if so, how quickly and by what process? If not, explain your reasoning.

Not as quicky as it should be done, that is not possible.

Our City Treasurer, one I call 'our city water man', why because he know more about water issues in thhe Northwest Subburban area of Chicago than 99% of the residents. Rich Tibbits who just happens to be our City Treasurer, the City AV man so our residents can see our council meetings on the cabel chanel.

He was given the authoriety by the City Council to contact the Northwest Water Commission to seek our joining that commission and circumvented by our mayor.

Our city will not be able to offer city wide water until that commission recognizes our existance.

Their excuses for not opening a dialogue are groundless.

Should Prospect Heights actively try to raise more revenue to run the city, and if so, how? Could the current budget be cut? Where?

As a non-homerule community we have little options and while on that subject, mayor Vole didn't support the Home Rule Referendum or the Police Protection one either so they failed.

We raised the fees for city vihecle stickers but as of today, 1/20/2011 we have not been able to enter all the information generated from the 2010 sales into our computer system so sales of the 2011 stickers is delayed. This is pathetic.

Are you satisfied with the level of staffing in the police department? If not, describe what level of staffing the city should work toward.

The loss of our Chief of Police was more political than I am privy to discuss. Thank heavens we have 2 most capabe Commanders on our fource and Al Steffens has steped up to the challenge of being out Deputy Chief. There was no reason in my estimation to furlough 6 officers. We discussed 4 but for reasons I feel privy to the 6th officer had to go also.

No, none of our citizen should be pleased with the situation our police department is in today, the station closed to the public, prisioners housed at the Wheeling station, it's more pathetic than I can tolerate.

Twenty nine candidates responded to the job opening posted on the internet and our web site. Being senior alderman I served on the Police Chief Commission. We have just completed the process by making our recomendations for final interview. Why must the city hire a Chief by mid February is what I would like to know. If we have the money to do that why not bring back two officers or consider part timers to fill the void in the department.

The political culture in Prospect Hts. is poisonous. How do you, as an elected official, balance the needs and desires of people whose point of view is opposite your own? Or is that impossible?

Those who have a point of view opposed to mine do not have the city's best interest at heart. I have always felt there is a faction here that would like to see horse troughs at the corners, gas lights on the streets and gravel roads, well they are getting part of what they want.

What should the city do for economic development? Should it focus on commercial or industrial? What is the best use of the land formerly meant to hold the arena?

Forget it on the arena property. We lost the best potentials because the ill equipted alderman of the first ward didn't understand the potential of an interested party. We have had other tremendous opportunities for development since Vole was an alderman and again as mayor and here again she and her minions were instramental in making sure we didn't get Meijer's in the closed Dominick's, Sarpino's Pizza U. S. Headquarters, the Townhouse development at Palatine & Elmhurst. The monies generated alone by permit fees, taxes generated would be awesome.

Thank heaven they were not arround back in 1997 when our city fathers entered into an IGA with the Village of Glenview over the Culligan unincorporated property at Willow & Sanders. In essence ""if this property is ever developed we receive 8.20% of the taxes generated"". Well as you know Culligan was leveled and the development is under way. This is what's planned in square footage:

600,000 in non residential office

46,430 in interior retail

17,700 in restaurants

13,000 in pharmacy

4,000 in drive up bank

79,100 in non-residential hotel

98,200 in non-residential hotel

and 31 walk-up row houses, 24 townhouses, 43 courtyard townhouses and 58 courtyard townhouse /flats.

The project has started and the first taxes have been paid to Glenview, now we just wait for our share and it will continue to grow in time.